Treatment of periodontitis

With careful assessment and treatment, it is usually possible to completely halt the progress of periodontitis. The key to success is to eliminate the bacterial plaque which is triggering the periodontal disease process and to establish excellent oral hygiene practices.

Please refer your question regarding Periodontal Disease & Treatment to the following European Federation of Periodontology & implantology website:

We provide the following periodontal specialist services:

  • Clinical assessment, diagnostic, treatment of the patient with aggressive and chronic periodontitis
  • Diagnosis and treatment planning for patients with the oral manifestation of systemic disease
  • Clinical assessment, diagnostic, treatment of young patients who require pre-orthodontic surgical tooth exposure, and patients who require post-orthodontic surgical soft tissue and hard tissue regenerative procedures.
  • Clinical assessment, diagnostic, treatment of patients who require post/endodontic and/or pre-prosthodontic root amputation and crown lengthening.
  • Clinical assessment, diagnostic, treatment of patients with clinical periodontal disease symptoms in need of occlusal re-organization by means of fixed and removable prosthodontics
  • Clinical assessment, diagnostic, treatment of patients presenting with peri-implantitis
At London Specialist Dentist, we implement Triple-Wavelength-Technology using the lastest generation of LASER in dentistry.
SiroLaser Blue is equipped with a high-tech laser versatility module in Laser Dentistry by providing three different forms of laser in one single device.
SiroLaser Blue wavelength of 445 nm provides the best surgical cutting efficiency of all dental diode lasers.
SiroLaser Infrared wavelength of 970 nm is effectively used in the decontamination of infected periodontal, peri-implant pockets and infected root canals, as an adjunct to the mechanical and chemical debridement within the periodontal, peri-implant and Endodontic treatment protocols.
This means the indication for adjunct use of antibiotics and their consequent side-effects is drastically reduced.
The laser-assisted periodontal therapy (LAPT) results in improved periodontal health with minimal discomfort following both non-surgical or surgical periodontal treatment intervention.
During endodontic treatment, LASER is utilised after preparing and rinsing the root canal in addition to the conventional treatment.
Red wavelength of 660 nm is perfect for Photo-biomodulation (PBM) or Low-Level-Laser-Therapy (LLLT)
Photo-bio-modulation works through the application of photon energy of light to the tissue.
It passes through the skin barrier and is absorbed by the cells where it initiates physiological reactions within the mitochondria.
Photo-bio-modulation is associated with Improved wound healing & surgical tissue regeneration as well as reduction of acute and chronic pain in Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJD)
For further information about the diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease, please see the following links: