Crowns and bridges can be fixed to the natural teeth or dental implants. They are fabricated in the dental laboratories in order to restore the damaged or broken teeth permanently, by providing a protective cover over a tooth.
Crowns & bridges are fabricated in a variety of ceramic materials with optimized strength and aesthetics as the natural lifelike teeth using CAD-CAM and 3D printing technology.

Crowns and bridges can replace and restore the missing teeth, compromised biting and chewing function, the smile and the ability to speak. The dental bridges could maintain the position and integrity of the adjacent and opposing teeth, the lip position of the shape of the face. The quality of the crowns and bridges can vary to a great extent based on the quality of fabrication, and the expertise of the technician in the dental laboratory. 

London Specialist Dentist makes the benefit of working with the most experienced senior ceramic artist and expert master technician from the most well-established European dental laboratories specialized in cosmetic dentistry and smile design.
Ceramic crown and bridgesCeramic crown and bridges

Crowns and bridges can be fabricated from a variety of high strength tooth-coloured ceramic materials.
High-strength zirconia-based ceramic crowns and bridges are covered with tooth-coloured ceramic using a traditional layering technique for a more aesthetic result. 

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