Tooth Graft Materials;
08 February 2022 Dr Nico Kamosi
A Novel clinical approach to grind patient’s own tooth into bioactive particulate graft material required for predictable bone remodelling and bone augmentation. KometaBio® Smart Dentin Grinder It is proven clinical...
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Composite Bonding in Kensington
04 February 2022 Dr Nico Kamosi
Part I: A non-invasive Scandinavian approach to Conservative Dental Treatment in Children & Adolescents Composite bonding, also known as dental bonding, is the most conservative, effective and affordable cosmetic approach to...
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White Dental Implants in Kensington
31 January 2022 Dr Nico Kamosi
Without compromising on aesthetics, functionality, Dentist in Kensington are of the opinion that with enhanced strength and aesthetics Metal-free White Ceramic Dental Implants fulfil every demanding patient and clinician’s expectation...
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Accelerated Orthodontics in Kensington
30 January 2022 Dr Nico Kamosi
We live in a fast-paced world where we demand faster and more predictable treatment outcome. Dentist in Kensington implement Accelerated Orthodontics to provide you with the beautiful and harmonic smile...
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Bone Augmentation in Kensington
29 January 2022 Dr Nico Kamosi
Exposed implant due to the localised bone resorption Bone regenerative procedure using bone graft material As a result of tooth extraction, dental infection, trauma and post-operative bone resorption, it would...
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AcceleDent in Kensington
25 January 2022 Dr Nico Kamosi
During the last 2 decades, the consciousness and self-awareness among many adults and teens about their own well-being and appearance have been an increasing trend. More and more individuals are...
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LPRF in Kensington
22 January 2022 Dr Nico Kamosi
Following tooth loss caused by caries, root infection, periodontal disease or restorative failures, the supporting bone undergoes severe resorption. Reduced volume and quality of the residual alveolar ridge offer clinical...
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All-Ceramic Dental Restorations
13 October 2020 Dr Nico Kamosi
With the advent of all-ceramic restoration modalities, allowing for a simultaneous fabrication of both ceramic framework and porcelain veneer, modern cosmetic dentistry could benefit from a selection of the ideal...
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Full Mouth Rehabilitation
07 October 2020 Dr Nico Kamosi
“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. At the same time, when we examine the roman concept of the Golden Proportion, we realise that this arithmetic and aesthetic rules of divine...
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Dental Phobia
02 October 2020 Dr Nico Kamosi
Nervous patients It is reported that ca. 53% of the UK population may suffer from fear or anxiety during their dental visit. When slight nervousness turns to all-out panic, the anxiety...
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